Ellamin Decimus Ravenloft

Chaotic Source of High Heat Destruction


Body Characteristics:
Age: 22
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 145 lb
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Greyish Blue

Standing roughly 6 feet tall Ellamin is a very thin pale man with brown hair. Wearing a burgundy hooded cloak with the family crest on the back. Beneath the cloak is reinforced leather adventurers gear acting much like armor with several sheaths strapped around. Along with 3 pouches along the hip. Wearing adventurers brown leather boots usually covered in mud and dirt. A light traveling backpack sits on his back with a burgundy bent point wizard hat hanging off it. His 5 foot staff is either being carried or has a strap on the backpack. Ellamin always has the hood of his cloak up and usually has a magic barrier in the shape of a mask covering just the eyes so few people in public see him although his greyish blue eyes can be seen glowing with magic behind the pure black of the mask. Brown leather glove cover his hands, the few times he has removed them you can see light acid and fire burns over his hands and up his arms. There are 3 deep cut scars on his chest and his back is covered with a tattoo of the family crest. Around his neck is a silver chain with a silver pocket watch or locket at the end.

“……” – Ellamin Ravenloft


Ellamin Decimus Ravenloft born to the island of White peak in the three island system known as Tripeaks. Whitepeake is known mainly for its abundance of magic users and high quality magical goods. Whitepeake is a kingdom under the rule of king Neroviscus. Court wizard and one of the commanders of Whitepeakes army is Krassus the Suncaster. Krassus fathered 7 children 6 of whom have died in combat the last being Ellamin. At age fourteen before being enlisted into mandatory military service Ellamin was sent away at his fathers request. Krassus had made a request of the king that Ellamin being the last of his children that he be allowed to leave the island to keep the Ravenloft bloodline alive. The King hesitant to allow this request but made an exception for one of his closest advisors but to prevent this request from becoming common place it was kept secret and Ellamin had to leave the island for the entirety of his military service time and could not return until age 24 and that a curse would be placed on him causing him excrutiating pain every time he speaks to prevent him from giving secrets of whitepeake in the scenario that he is captured by the enemies on greypeake and redpeake and to prevent outsiders of Whitepeake from learning of capabilities of the island nation.
The curse is powerful and was cast by the king himself. Very little of the curses details were discussed with Ellamin before his departure from the island however through research Ellamin has discovered that the curse can be lifted by the king himself or a wizard of equal strength or possibly the curse is weakened by other telling stories and exploits of Ellamin himself. The more people talk of Ellamin the less pain the curse can cause while he speaks in theory.
Growing up as son of Krassus, Ellamin was exposed to the high society of Whitepeake and often the dark side of politics. Few times he was ever involved with making decisions or being in the room among the hierarchy but none the less he was well versed in the manipulation and deceit involved with in the monarchy. He was tutored by many of whitepeakes finest mages and wizards along with Krassus himself who is one of the worlds most powerful pyromancers. However Ellamin who did have an affinity for pyromancy himself found himself also very adept at illusory magic. Having left the academy before receiving military training Ellamins decision making in combat and morals have become chaotic and unpredictable however under leadership he seems to maintain composure. After leaving the island Ellamin spend majority of his time alone making few friends and moving from city to city with his only requirement being that the city have a library. However his chaotic nature has forced him to leave several cities prematurely. Adlerwood being one of his stops turned more permanent location with the addition of a viable long term source of income

Ellamin Decimus Ravenloft

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