Asgeir is a "very" subtle man


Asgeir has a tendency to be a little heavy handed and seems to say and do things that are frowned upon by the party. As a way of describing him think intelligence and thought style of Crunk and speaks like the Boulder.


Originally he was a poorer man who came from an island known as Glaur in the New Island Kingdom. One day when he was out hunting for food and profit and noticed that the game population was getting low and would probably soon run out he decided that he had to find a new way to survive. He went to a merchant on the island and traded his small shack and tiny plot of land for a sword and a set of worn armor. The next day he went to the first traveling merchant he saw and offered to join his guard team to earn some gold and get to a place more likely to get have adventure and work, hoping to buy a better place to call home one day. Shortly after arriving in Alderwood, Asgeir stumbled across Ameragai, Ellamin, _____, and _____ in The Stumbly Drunkard and seem to have gotten sucked in to something rather large. He definitely got the adventure (and hopefully gold) he was looking, plus what seem to be some good friends.


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